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What Matters Most?

Meet the Mayor! As the City continues its engagement process, our next step focuses on collecting stories. Mayor Ackerman volunteered to show how easy and informative the process can be. You can watch the full interview here:

We would love to hear your interpretation of the interview!

What does the Mayor’s story tell you?

What are the Mayor’s goals for Frankenmuth?

What are the Mayor’s concerns for Frankenmuth?

For me, the interviewer, the Mayor’s story tells me that she is passionate about Frankenmuth. What matters most to her is the unmatchable “Spirit of ‘Muth”. People support one another and their ideas for the overall greater good of the town. This is such an important characteristic because it offers the unique ability for the city to flourish and thrive.

In the future, the Mayor would like to see that the people of Frankenmuth are still continuing to come together. The community will continue to utilize this teamwork mentality to get things done. In doing so, the city will still be a place that is always wearing its “Sunday best” and is constantly being beautified.

The Mayor’s concerns for the city is that there are not enough opportunities for young families. To her, it matters that the city is multi-generational because this quality plays into the overall health of the city. Her hope is that in the future, there are many more opportunities for such young families to buy into the housing market.

Each interview has an “Ideas for Action” component. Once the interview is analyzed, a plan on how to achieve the subject’s hopes and overcome any concerns will be created. With many interviews, analyses, and ideas for action, Heart and Soul can develop a community created vision and the necessary steps to reach the it.

The Idea for Action that was developed from the Mayor’s interview is to use the collaborative mentality of the community to make more housing affordable to young families.

If you would like to give your own story and be interviewed, volunteer as the interviewer, or analyze someone else’s story, please contact or (989) 652 3430 x 105.

Who lives, works, and plays here?

Who lives, works, and plays here?

This is Frankenmuth

One of the largest aspects of Heart and Soul is understanding the community – those who live here, work here, and play here. That is why we are beginning a journey of story telling through our community.

The City of Frankenmuth is unlike any other place and our people posses that same uniqueness. We want to highlight and share that via interviews and photos.

Want to share your story? Know someone who should share theirs? Please give us a call at 989.652.3430 ext.105, or email