The power of storytelling

Some may wonder why Heart and Soul is working so hard to collect the stories of the community. What can come from knowing a small detail such as what it is that made someone move here? Well, if you gather enough “small details”, you can learn a lot about the community. Frankenmuth Heart and Soul works to gather the opinions of all residents in the city. This enables us to analyze hopes, wants, and concerns. From gathering a lot of these hopes, wants, and concerns, we can then understand trends which will develop into a future. While something can begin as one detail from someone, it can flourish into a vision for the future of Frankenmuth.

More differences that this can make are:
1. Put residents needs and hopes for the future in front of decision-makers
2. Bring a diverse community together
3. Unite people with similar interests
4. Enable local council to create plans based off of community desires
5. Bring light to issues that are close to community member’s hearts

For more examples, click here.

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