Dear Neighbor

Dear Neighbor – August

This year is Frankenmuth’s 175th Anniversary. It is hard to imagine that the Frankenmuth that we know and love – the one filled with festivals, tourism, and famous chicken dinners – began with just 15 passionate settlers. August’s prompt is in partnership with the Frankenmuth Museum. For this prompt we are asking you to look into the past and/or the future to answer these questions:

What is your favorite memory in Frankenmuth?

What do you think/hope Frankenmuth will look like in another 175 years?

Please feel free to write more about any other thoughts and feelings that Frankenmuth’s 175th anniversary brings up.

The anonymous exchange stops once a new prompt is released.

Want to write back to your neighbor?

If you would like to continue corresponding with the writer of the letter you’ve just received, send a letter in response to City Hall 240 W Genessee St, Frankenmuth, MI 48734. Please include your return address in the body of your letter.

When we receive your letter, we will forward it to your neighbor. If they would also like to continue correspondence, they will write back to you directly.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please go to, give us a call at 989.652.3430 ext.105, or email

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